Body & Mind

A traditional Swedish technique, tailored to you. Choose from one of the following oils: Relaxing, Destress, Uplifting or Tension Release.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage | 30 minutes £32.00
Full Body Massage | 60 minutes £54.00
Back Massage Including Legs | 45 minutes £40.00
Foot and Leg | 20 minutes £18.00

A luxury relaxing massage with specific aromatherapy oils, tailored to how you want to feel.

Back Massage including Face & Scalp | 45 minutes £40.00
Full Body Massage including Face & Scalp | 90 minutes £65.00

Specifically designed to add warmth and relief to muscles during a relaxing massage. Using Volcanic rocks, your Therapist is able to relieve stress, aches, pains and aid in the ultimate relaxing therapy.

Hot Stones Back including Legs | 45 minutes £45.00
Hot Stones Full Body including Face & Scalp | 90 minutes £75.00

Above Treatments Includes Body Brushing

Why not enhance your Hot Stones by adding full body exfoliation with warm steam towels:
Totally Luxurious Back | 75 minutes £55.00
Totally Luxurious Hot Stones Full Body | 120 minutes £90.00

Reflexology is an ancient technique of self healing, using specific movements and pressures to the feet, it will result in stress relief, relaxation and encourages good health and well-being.

Taster Session | 30 minutes £25.00
Reflexology | 60 minutes £40.00


Indian Head Massage | 30 minutes £38.00
Practised in India for over 5000 years, this treatment involves the Therapist using her hands to knead the shoulders, arms, neck, face & scalp to relieve headaches, migraines and any other stress or tension in the head and neck area.

Hopi Ear Candling | 30 minutes £38.00
Working on acupuncture points around the ear and Peripheral Lymph system, this treatment is extremely effective with certain conditions like sinusitis, glue ear and migraines. Specially designed candles are placed into the ear, creating a chimney effect.

Reiki|60 minutes £30.00
A gentle hands-on healing treatment, which uses spiritual energy to treat physical or emotional ailments without using pressure, manipulation or massage. It will aid in relaxation, healing and balancing through all aspects of your mind, body and soul.
Please note that this treatment can only be carried out on certain days.

Utopia Ritual

This relaxing experience starts with your feet being exfoliated and soaked in aromatic water. While your feet are soaking you will then have a wonderful head and scalp massage to release all scalp tension.
Your whole body will then be exfoliated with aromatherapy salts and removed with warm mits. Warm clay is then applied to dry areas for pure warming relaxation and beautifully soft skin.

Your face is then cleansed, exfolidated and massaged.

We finish off with a full body massage with aromatherapy body butter, top to toe relaxation.

Utopia Ritual Treatment | 105 minutes £75.00

Pregnancy Treatments

Must be over the first trimester. Ideal for aches and pains during pregnancy, you will lie comfortably in the recovery position with blankets and pillows for extra comfort.

Pregnancy Back Massage | 30 minutes £32.00
Pregnancy Full Body Massage | 75 minutes £60.00

Mum To Be | 1 hour 45 minutes £80.00
Just what you need to relax and unwind, Starting with a pregnancy back massage, concentrating on aches and pains. followed with a facial to help with hormonal concern areas finished with a basic pedicure including polish.



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