Welcome to One 2 One Nails, Beauty and Holistic Centre Egremont. Relax, destress, detox and rejuvenate!

Over the last twenty years, we have strived to provide clients with excellent, value for money beauty treatments within relaxed and welcoming surrounding.

We realise that clients want and increasingly higher standard of service, and the need to relax and unwind has never been so important.

Many health spas give such an experience, but at a price that few of us can afford on a regular basis. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could get luxurious treatments in spa-style surroundings but at an affordable price?

The unique ambiance of this beautiful sandstone building adds charm and character to your visit. The retail and reception areas welcome you and invite you to browse through the range of top quality branded skincare products.


Beauty is often simply about having the confidence to be yourself. Mii is a cosmetics range that allows just that. Feedback from thousands of women who use beauty salons has been used to develop a totally new range of makeup. One that makes you feel beautiful whoever you are, giving you the confidence to create a look that is uniquely, completely unmistakably you.

Our Luxurious Parisian product range. For texture, aromatic fragrance and pure indulgence, these products are second to none. Produced by Jean-Daniel Mondin, son of French pioneer in cosmetic surgery, to promote skin healing and regeneration. Truly the most soothing, healing and caring products, for even the most sensitive skins.

Pamper Days - We will cater to your individual needs and put together tailored packages with the treatments you prefer. For Men - Three is also a range of treatments available. Just call us to discuss the options.


Our Therapists at One2One are always friendly and caring. They're only too happy to advise and answer questions, no matter how silly you might think they are. If it's worrying or concerning you - it's important!

We look forward to seeing you soon

Lesley Canfield


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